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Zero Bar & Lounge is a mobile non-alcoholic beverage service. It's the first of its kind in Jackson, MI and surrounding areas. It was founded in August 2022 by two women who believe adults of drinking age deserve exhilarating healthy choices. We specialize in non-alcoholic alternatives that provide the flavor and experience of an adult beverage without the complications of alcohol. They're lower in calories too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services do you offer?

We offer premium non-alcoholic bartending services and zero proof product consultations for private events. We will travel up to a 50-mile radius from Jackson, MI. We also have an on-line store for delivery within a 25-mile radius. Starting in May of 2023, our mobile services will include the option of an upscale trailer bar called THE JAMSY. Book us today for your next event!

Why non-alcoholic?

We want to provide adults of drinking age with choices. There are many reasons why people prefer not to drink alcohol or just drink less of it. We believe they deserve to have options beyond water, juice, or soda, that allows them to have fun and socialize without being singled out.


More FAQ

1What's included in your services?
At a minimum, our services include one insured bartender specialized in non-alcoholic drinks, menu planning consultation, bar equipment, ice, fine plastic drink ware, black cocktail napkins, stirrers, garnishes, and mixers. Our add-on services include our upscale lounge experience.
2Where are you located?
We are a mobile service based in Jackson, MI. We will travel for your event up to a 50-mile radius. We do not have brick-and-mortar space (yet). Book us for your next event and/or follow us on social media to be in the know about where we’re popping up next.
3Are the drinks you make called mocktails?
We prefer to call them zero-proof cocktails. We do not simply mix juices, sodas, and syrups, which are the traditional ingredients in mocktails. We craft our cocktails using non-alcoholic spirit alternatives.
4What type of products do you use to make your drinks?
We use non-alcoholic spirit alternatives, such as, tequila, rum, bourbon, gin, and non-fermented wine, among others. We personally try what’s available in the market to make sure we serve the best. Our mixers are of the highest quality, and let’s not forget the power of bitters!
5Is your menu limited to cocktails or do you also have alcohol-free/non-alcoholic beer and wine?
Yes, we would love to serve alcohol-free and/or non-alcoholic beer and wine at your event. However, if these products are made using any type of fermentation process, they are subject to liquor licensing laws in the State of Michigan. Therefore, we’re not allowed to buy them directly. In these cases, we help you coordinate the purchase to ensure a smooth experience (subject to surcharge).
6Is there a difference between alcohol-free and non-alcoholic?
Yes. It’s all about the content of alcohol by volume, or ABV. Non-alcoholic drinks can contain up to 0.5% ABV, while alcohol-free drinks contain 0.0% ABV.
7Are your recipes top secret?
Absolutely not! Follow us on social media for recipes and inspiration! If you’re within a 25-mile radius of Jackson, MI, you can order the products we use through our on-line store.
8It's non- alcoholic, so minors can drink it, right?
Zero Bar & Lounge is designed as a social experience for adults. Even though we only use alcohol-free/non-alcoholic products, we do not sell or serve non-alcoholic cocktails to anyone under the age of 21 as we do not endorse or encourage under-age drinking. In addition, many of the non-alcoholic brands we offer do not allow their products to be sold to minors.
9What about pregnant women, can they have non-alcoholic cocktails?
Although our drinks are prepared with products that are generally safe for adults, we always suggest you consult with your doctor for your specific health circumstance.
10Are your drinks safe if I’m in recovery?
For some people, non-alcoholic drinks could be triggering. Electing zero proof cocktails is a very personal choice.
11Do you serve alcoholic drinks too?
We do not. We specialized in alcohol free and non-alcoholic alternatives to make sure they’re 100% fun!

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